Aesthetic Fly-In


An aesthetic getaway package combining cosmetic surgery and wellness for patients and those accompanying them

If you live outside Canada or Quebec and you are interested in an eyelid surgery, we offer an Aesthetic fly-in program, an aesthetic getaway package to meet your needs.

More and more people are traveling for treatment by qualified cosmetic surgeons, recognized worldwide for their particular skills and expertise. Flying to a center of excellence in a country other than where you live, gives you the opportunity to obtain high-quality care while recovering anonymously away from home.

With travel arrangement discounts, the overall cost may be cheaper than doing the surgery close to your hometown. You can take advantage of the weak dollar exchange to undergo surgery by renowned eyelids specialists and visit Montreal and its surroundings at the same time.

By participating in our Aesthetic fly-in program for your eyelid surgery, our team will offer support for your travel arrangements. Everything will be organized for you: flights, transfers, accommodation near Clinic O plastic and esthetic eye surgery in Montreal and door-to-door transportation on the day of your surgery.

We recommend that you arrive at least two days before the scheduled surgery. We encourage you to travel with a friend or family member who can care for you after the surgery.

Before you arrive, we will contact you by video-conference to provide all the necessary information and to answer any questions you may have to make your stay in Montreal comfortable, interesting and productive.

Upon arrival in Montreal, you will have a consultation with the specialist in preparation for your surgery.

Following the surgery, you will recover in the comfort of a hotel in Montreal until your follow-up appointment with the surgeon.

It is recommended that you book a stay of about 10 days.

Usually, you may encounter some residual swelling.

We will assist you throughout your stay to make this trip a unique experience.

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