Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is the main field of interest at Clinique O. The specialists at Clinique O are ophthalmologists who have completed subspecialty training after residency to become experts in surgery of the eyelids. In general, after ophthalmology, eyelid surgery training requires an additional one to two years of study and allows the specialist to identify and treat all diseases, injuries, malformations and aesthetic aspects of the eyelids. Eyelid surgery therfore entails a functional aspect but also an important aesthetic component. In fact, eyelids are a very important component of a person’s appearance and it has been proven that, when eye contact is made, the eye area receives the most attention on a person’s face and is extremely important in interpersonal relations. Eyelid surgery can reposition and restore normal anatomy to eyelids that have been affected by nature, time or illness.

At Clinique O, patients who require eyelid surgery are evaluated by specialists who also work in the major hospitals of Montreal and Sherbrooke. According to patients wishes, the eyelid surgery can be performed at Clinique O, in one of its ultra-modern operating rooms.

Eyelid surgery is the specialty of Clinique O.

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