Botulinum toxin Post-Treatment Instructions

Botulinum toxin Treatment

Important Factor of the Treatment

The side effects are rare and they are not permanent. You could have some bruising at the site of the injection, headache for a small period of time. After the injection, you could have droopy eyelid that could last for a few days to a few weeks.

After the Treatment

Try to exercise your treated muscles for the first 30 minutes after treatment (e.g. practice frowning, raising your eyebrows or squinting). This helps to work Botulinum toxin into your muscles. Although this is thought to help, it will NOT impact your treatment negatively if you forget to do this.

If you take some Advil, vitamine E, Coumadin, Asprine and anti-inflammatory. You could have some bruising after the treatment. If you have a headache after the treatment don’t hesitate to take some Advil or Tylenol.

Do NOT rub or massage the treated areas for 4 hours after your treatment. Do NOT do strenuous exercise for 4 hours after treatment. Also avoid facials or saunas for 4 hours after your treatment. This will minimize the risk of raising your blood pressure and therefore minimize the risk of temporary bruising.

Do NOT lie down for 4 hours after treatment. This is to avoid the risk of pressure on the treated areas (from your pillow) and to avoid the risk of having the area rubbed accidentally.

Be assured that any tiny bumps or marks will go away within a few hours after your treatment. If you need to apply make-up within 4 hours after your treatment, only use a GENTLE touch to avoid rubbing the treated area.

Results of your treatment can take up to 14 days to take full effect. Please wait until the 14 days has passed before assessing your treatment results.

Botulinum toxin is a temporary procedure and at first, you may find that your treatment results will last approximate 3 or 4 months. If you maintain your treatment appointments with the frequency recommended by Dr. Your Name, the duration of each treatment result may last longer than 4 months.

Initially, the doctor sees his patients between the 3 month (12 weeks) and 4 month (16 weeks) time period. He is able to create the best clinical results for you during this period. If you allow Botulinum toxin to completely wear off, it is difficult for him to be able to see how your individual muscles reacted and therefore optimal results for your face are harder to achieve.

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